Around Kent Folk

AKF is the independent folk magazine for Kent, Surret, Sussex and beyond and is published six times a year.

AKF is now compiled and edited by Alan Castle and Andy Wood. 
AKF issues 1 to 84 were edited by Kathy and Bob Drage.

AKF is published by Tenterden Folk Festival
Registered charity No 1038663
Promoting folk song, music, crafts and traditions
  • A hard time for folk

    Firstly, here at AKF towers are thoughts are with all the local folk clubs, venues, performers and supporters who are facing very hard times and an uncertain future.  Are thoughts are with you all. Please keep in touch and lets us know you news and plans as they become available.

    Secondly, AKF 99 for June and July is out now.  It is available free online and we have undertaken a limited print run to send out to subscribers, advertisers and others normally on our postal mailing list.  Please pass the online link on to all your contacts who may be interestedas we are unable to distribute the magazine via folk clubs, venues, local libraries, etc. as we normally do. 

    Thirdly we are looking forward to reaching the 100th issue of AKF and looking back at past folk magazines for our area.  Do you have a copy of the first or any other early issue of AKF in your archives?  If so we would love to see it.

    Talking of autumn, AKF is of course published by Tenterden Folk Festival and we have made most of our plans for 1st to 4th October.  Will we be able to go ahead with the festival then? At present your guess is as good as ours. If we can we will and we will let you know our desicion as soon as the longer term situation becomes clearer. We hope to make a desicion at the end of May or early June.

    Best wishes to all our advertisers, readers, contributors, and supporters. 

    Alan Castle

    Andy Wood
    Anmar Printing Services

  • Out now

    Issue 99 of Around Kent Folk (AKF) covering June and July 2020 is now out online here.

  • Subscribers

    If you are a subscriber to AKF and would like to receive a copy of the next issue please contact Alan Castle of Tenterden Folk Festival or Andy Wood.  See details opposite.

  • AKF on Twitter

    You can now find AKF on Twitter @AroundKentFolk.

Around Kent Folk

AKF is the independent folk magazine for Kent, Surrey, Sussex and beyond and is published six times a year.  AKF issues 1 to 84 were edited by Kathy and Bob Drage.  From issue 85 AKF is being edited by Alan Castle and printed by Andy Wood.  We are continuing the magazine with the help of a few other dedicated supporters.  AKF is published by Tenterden Folk Festival a registered charity promoting folk song, music, dance, crafts and traditions. Around 700 copies of AKF are distributed to folk clubs, venues, subcribers and others. 

From issue 86 we will be include a full colour cover and at least three pages of colour adverts. We are also including a page of "News from Sussex" compiled by Vic Smith and Scene and Heard from Bob Kenward.

Copy date is 18th of the month:

18th December  –  February / March
18th February  – April / May
18th April – June / July
18th June – August / September
18th August – October / November
18th October  - December / January

As a result of increased costs, adverting rates will increase from issue 100.  
The new rates are bas follows:

Full colour: 
Back cover £85
Inside back or front cover £75
Full page (run of issue) £65 
Half page (run of issue) £40 *NEW*

Full page (run of issue) £39
Half page (run of issue) £28
Quarter page (run of issue) £18

Series discount:
The discount for advance booking and payment of a series of 6 adverts will increase from 10% to 15% from the same issue to minimize the increase for our regular advertisers. You can still submit new artwork for each advert.

Cheques payable to “Tenterden Folk Day Trust" please.


Full page 180 x 130mm
Half page 85 x 130mm
Quarter page 85 x 60mm

If advert cannot be supplied at the correct size please add £10 to above rates

Send advert as high quality PDF, JPEG or TIFF to AKF at and copy to our printers  (Phone 01732 865380)

Also CD’s, books, etc. reviewed; send to the editors

Postal subscriptions:
£9.00 for one year (6 issues)
Cheque payable to “Tenterden Folk Day Trust” to be sent us at 15 Repton Manor road, Ashford, Kent TN23 3HA.

Page last updated 14th May 2020